...Because those born small are almost destined to do BIG things!
Welcome to The Superhero Project! ​​
​We raise money to help families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
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Meet Our
​June Superheroes

Meet the Hall Twins!
Born several weeks early, these conjoined twin boys were separated on February 20th at the CHOP! The Superhero Project was able to donate and financially help out this deserving Philadelphia family.
-Sometimes the biggest capes
belong to the littlest Superheroes-
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Kelly Gallagher, founder of
The Superhero Project, nominated for finalist:
2017 KYW Women's Achievement Award- Rising Star Edition!
Read her bio here.

This year KYW was honoring women under 40 who were making a difference in their community. 

Check out Kelly's podcast with  WOGL on air personality Marilyn Russell, host of the award winning broadcast, Remarkable Women


The Superhero  Project donates $20,000 to CHOP for NICU camera project!

June 28, 2017

The Superhero Project founder Kelly Gallagher proudly presented a check for $20,000 to the staff at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to begin the process of fitting the NICU with Angel Eye Cameras.

These cameras will provide a state of the art experience for families to connect with their baby via a remote secure feed 24/7.

The cameras will begin their first phase of installation in the summer of 2017 and hope to outfit all 99 beds by next year.

By August 2017, The Superhero Project will have donated  $40,000 to Philadelphia area hospitals to help families have this amazing gift!

Want to help get these cameras to the NICU where you had your baby?

Contact Us on how to start a fundraising campaign for YOUR hospital through The Superhero Project and get these cameras where they are needed the most!

For Goodness Sake with Bill Anderson

Check out our news segment with Bill Anderson from FOX 29. We went back to the NICU where it all started for Kelly and talks with a family who is utilizing the cameras Kelly helped to purchase.