Meet Sophia and Lilly!
Sophia is a second grade student in my classroom at the Upper Moreland Primary School!

Here is what her mom sent to me and allowed me to share:“Sophia talks about your foundation all the time. She said she wanted to make something while i worked tonight to donate. She had an idea to do little soft baby headbands! So her and Lilly are busy designing a bunch for you!”You hear me speak often about how our little people continue to come up big when we let them. Even though they may be little, they are listening. And watching…Thank you girls for sharing your talents and proving to adults that even the littlest hearts can have empathy for others.


Here is the final product! Beautiful handmade headbands with a 3 word sentence that encompasses the NICU journey. Stay.Strong.Mama❤️ from the mouth of an 8 year old, changing family at a time.