Many people will say they love the name of The Superhero Project, but do you know where it came from? Let me tell you♥️

In the NICU, sometimes the only thing you can do to make you “ feel” like mom is to dress your baby and give them some stylish hats. Not like fun doll dressing, lol. See these babies can’t usually wear zippers because of all of the cords. Most even preemie clothes leave them swimming because they are so big. Some moms can’t do this for days, weeks or even months. This is one of the reasons that all of our care packages include a hand made hat. My mom had bought the boys two hats, one Superman and one Batman. This was the first picture I had of them together on my lap. Their two week birthday! I placed their hats on their sweet, tiny heads and sat back and thought… what on this earth is stronger than a superhero?

I remember holding them and staring for what felt like hours. This was the first time I really soaked them in. These two miracles were not only here, but they will all mine. I also remember thinking..this is a great picture because they look so good. They don’t look sick. Curran even had some chub to his sweet cheeks. From this angle, they almost look.. healthy. But the truth is, they were 2 months early and still pretty sick at this point. They couldn’t eat on their own without having breathing episodes, both had jaundice but Connor was finally up to 3lbs. These are the kind of things that nicu moms deal with. You feel every emotion and it’s magnified. Because when your baby is hurting, so are you! You are so happy and excited to share your joy with the world but at the same time so guarded in how and what you share because you are feeling just as fragile as your baby. Every second, at any moment, things can change.

Sometimes life’s superheroes don’t show up until we need them the most. I know mine showed up early, but deep down in my life, I know they were right on time. 💫

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