5 years ago changed everything for me. Having two other children under 5 still at home, the GUILT between stretching my time between being home with them and traveling to the NICU daily left me exhausted and devastated. I knew there had to be something out there that would make it even an ounce easier to say goodbye every day, knowing the NICU was what they needed to get better but convincing your heart that as a mom you did all you could weighed me down.

Meet Delaney- a cousin of a close friend. She sent me this picture as she watched her newborn daughter on the camera she is hooked up to in the NICU. This is real. This isn’t smiles and happiness. It isn’t exciting birth announcements or a room filled with family. This is a Nicu mom watching her infant on a camera. It is painful to see because I would bet that everyone looking at this picture can FEEL it too. But feeling something, anything is what propels change.

I know not all of you are NicU parents-many of you have had full term pregnancies.. but you still show up and share and support. So, just know that when you support The Superhero Project, you say yes to moms and families who don’t get the start for their infant that they hoped for. You say yes to the gift that allows families to see their babies 24/7. You may even be saying yes to something that your family may even someday use.

But most importantly, you say yes to Empathy…. the most beautiful gift we can give.