Dylan was born 3/23/18 through an emergency C-Section. I don’t remember much from that day besides the fact that my son would be transferred to CHOP in order to receive a lifesaving treatment. Dylan was diagnosed HIE and placed on a cooling bed. Fast forward a few days later and he was off the cooling bed and slowly recovering. We spent 27 days in the NICU and he proved the doctors and specialists that hero’s are born small and they fight.

April is HIE awareness month and there’s always hope to those we love. Hope for HIE is an organization that is a voice for families who have children with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. You can read some stories as well and learn more about HIE at their site. https://www.hopeforhie.org/

The Superhero Project has been a huge part of our lives since Dylan was born. They have allowed us to create a yearly event called Chillin’ with Dylan. Our first event was a huge success and they matched our donations. With that we were able to get Holy Redeemer a cooling bed (that’s what Dylan is on in his picture). This will allow other babies to stay in their NICU and not have to be transferred out.

We are thankful for their friendship and support as we travel his road. Every day is a step in a positive direction. Dylan is deaf in his right ear but otherwise seems to be taking life with each punch and knocking it down.

Mother of Dylan