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All Access Arkansas

A Special Project to Equip All Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Arkansas Hospitals with AngelEye Health’s Bedside Cameras.

The Need for All Access Arkansas

AngelEye currently has 257 cameras in Arkansas NICUs; about 70% of the total beds in the State.

Why Arkansas

In 2006, webcam technology was developed UAMS
A second-generation of the technology was developed in 2009.
The first hospital installation (2011) was for Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Penn.
In 2013, AngelEye Health commercialized this innovative communication platform to connect patients, families, and clinicians.
Today the AngelEye technology is in more than 125 hospitals across the country with more than 3,100 cameras deployed. In 2021 alone this technology has supported over 26,000 families who’ve spent almost 280,000 hours watching over their critically ill infant.

9 smaller hospitals in the state have 98 beds that need the camera service, but find it difficult to secure funds

Our Partner – The SuperHero Project

AngelEye is partnering with The Superhero Project to provide a tax-exempt vehicle to make your donation.   

The Superhero Project works to assist families with babies born prematurely and residing in the NICU. This amazing organization has already helped 19 hospitals across 5 states install AngelEye Cameras. 

Because those born small, are destined to do big things!

Together we can make a difference in Arkansas families’ lives!

Thank you to our amazing donors!

AngelEye Health is contributing $50,000 in product discounts to support the All Access Arkansas project!

We've raised $100.00 so far for The Superhero Project!


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