the superhero project


Chase was born on March 26th, 2021, at 32 weeks via emergency c section. His start to the world was nothing short of a miracle and it was only the beginning of showing us what a fighter he would be.

Our NICU Story

Chase’s birth was traumatic; with a skull fracture, multiple brain hemorrhages (IVH), and severe bruising over his body. Over the next 59 days spent at the NICU, we were only allowed to visit separately due to Covid, we never got to be together as a family until the day we could bring Chase home.
Currently Chase is thriving, showing us what being a champ is all about with his amazing smile, sweet demeanor, bravery, determination and all the love.

The hours that turned into months spent at the NICU, essentially alone, with a tiny baby hooked up to beeping machines, were the hardest times of our lives. The nurses and doctors were amazing, however, we often felt lost, confused, and alone. Our mission is to make NICU parents feel some sort of comfort with essentials that we wished we would’ve had during our journey; travel essentials, notebook and pen, outreach/support programs, food and nourishment, etc. Please help us by joining Chase’s Champs and the Superhero Project on our continuous effort for these small, but mighty babies.

-Bryan, Jenn, & Chase

One of our Superheroes!

Jenn Raditz

My name is Jenn and I am a NICU mom. I am an elementary school teacher and love watching young minds learn and grow.

Chase is our superhero. He was born at 32 weeks and spent 59 days in the NICU during covid. He had a skull fracture, brain hemorrhages, and right side weakness. He was released from the hospital without any medical intervention needed, aside from his weekly PT, OT, and SI, he just continues to progress and certainly does not hold him back.

Chase has shown us what being a fighter is all about, with his resilience, determination, playfulness, and contagious smile, he is a true superhero. Each milestone, big or small, reminds us how precious life is and that he never gave up, so we will continue to fight along with him.

We are excited to be a part of this foundation, supporting other NICU families during this scary time. The journey can be a tough one, with constant ups and downs, and a lot of questions. We are here to provide support to families and show that every small step is a big leap.

Kelly and The Superhero Project have been nothing short of amazing, helping us visualize our goal for Chase’s Champs and setting it into motion. We cannot wait to see what we can achieve alongside the foundation to help support future NICU families.

Wanna Join Us?

Sun, June 2, 2024
Beef and Beer at Steam Pub
606 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966

This will be the 2nd Chase’s Champs Fundraiser in collaboration with The Superhero Project! This event is to raise money in Chase’s name to help those families that have also traveled the NICU.

Join us for this family friendly Beef and Beer where we raise money and celebrate Chase and other NICU families.

2023 -Thank you to everyone that joined us!

Thank you so much for everyone that was able to attend our 1st Chase’s Champs Fundraiser! We raised $8,000 for NICU families!!!

📣 Shout out to Steam Pub
📣 Huge shout to the Phillies for lending us the green guy 🙂
📣 And an even bigger shout out to The Superhero Project for continuing to raise awareness and support for our families.