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Inspirational and passionate, Kelly Gallagher connects with her audience by challenging their fears and helping them find their inner strength. 
Kelly shares her story of love and giving back and how she was able to turn her pain into purpose. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having Kelly attend your next event.

Kelly’s Ted Style Talk


September 28th, 2019 san antonio, tx

I am so proud of how far The Superhero Project has come and determined to keep sharing my message with women. Doing a TED style talk was NOT easy. It’s just you, mic ed up and a whole bunch of people. But the audience was feeling my journey and being a storyteller is something we all have inside of us.

The a2a Alliace

A2A Spotlight feature on Kelly Gallagher as heard on KCBS and other CBS Radio News affiliates

A2A Alliance founder Jeff Bell spotlights Kelly Gallagher and her efforts to support new parents of premature babies.

in every 10 moms

will experience premature birth


across 8 states, that we have partnered with to support the installation of bedside technology to allow families to see their babies 24/7

thousand dollars

to help fund Angel Eye camera systems in the tristate area.