Teddy, Autumn, Kali Mangold

These triplets were born at 30 weeks. Teddy at 3.4 lbs, Autumn at 2.13 lbs and Kali at 3.8 lbs. After fighting for 7 weeks with almost no cervix to hold them in their mom’s belly they were ready to make their debut into the world. They spent a little over 6 weeks in the NICU. They all proved to everyone how tiny and mighty they truly were and still are. Each baby met their milestones at the same time, around the same time or at a completely different pace from the next. The same pattern continues as they get older and bigger. If they aren’t meeting milestones together, they are learning from each other and knocking their milestone goals out of the ball park. We learned very quickly in the NICU that each triplet had their own personality and their personalities still continue to be very different. They know the power of team work, and each shine with their own personalities. They will always be our hero’s! Individually they are strong, together they are a force to not reckon with. They have taught us all so much and continue to do so each and every day.


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