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Lullabies of Love

NICU babies benefit greatly when they hear familiar voices, especially while still in the hospital. Researchers have shown that increasing language exposure during NICU admission is associated with better long-term language development.
We are excited to share with you our newest program, “Lullabies of Love,” that we are launching in the next month at two of our NICU partners, Holy Redeemer Hospital & Medical Center in Pennsylvania and Reston Hospital Center in Virginia. Lullabies of Love is a program that provides books for a library in the NICU and a digital voice recorder at each bed for mom and dad to record themselves reading books, singing lullabies, or talking to their baby. When unable to be at the bedside, the nurses can leave the recorders playing on repeat during certain times of the day, as appropriate.

In addition, Lullabies of Love will allow NICU parents to take an active role in bonding with their baby by reading books and singing lullabies to their baby. During such a stressful and difficult time, this program will empower parents to be involved in their baby’s care and will hopefully provide a sense of normalcy in an otherwise unexpected situation.

We hope to raise additional funds to bring Lullabies of Love to additional NICUs next year. As you start to think about your year-end charitable donations, we hope you will keep The Superhero Project in mind. Also this year, the 2021 CARES Act extension allows those who do not itemize taxes to still receive a tax deduction of $300 and $600 for those married and filing jointly.

One of our Superheroes!

Amanda Duffy

My name is Amanda Duffy, I am a Registered Nurse, girl mom of 3, NICU mom of 2. My first daughter was born at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and came into the world with a bang despite being a little peanut weighing only 3lbs 11oz. The NICU rocked our world as it does for most families who take that same course. Unfortunately due to complications developed during and after birth I was also in the ICU recovering for several days after her birth making it even more difficult not being able to see our baby.

During this time I was gifted a care package with a hand written note from Kelly and The Superhero Project. Words cannot describe the emotions you feel during this time but knowing you’re not alone in this journey meant the world to us. After discharge I connected with Kelly and knew immediately I wanted to be apart of paying this forward knowing how much our family was impacted by this.

Fifteen months later we welcomed our second baby girl at 36 weeks who spent 3 quick but stressful days in the NICU. Fortunately for us she was determined to remind us that she is strong but mighty, the reminder we all needed. A few years later we welcomed our third daughter and first child to ever get to come home with us on discharge day and not have a NICU stay.

Now all three of our girls take part in supporting and helping families of the NICU behind the scenes helping prepare and mail packages! I have no doubt they will continue to want to do this as they get older and goes to show that one act of kindness such as this can create a ripple effect in people around you!

did you have lullabies of love in your nicu?

We would appreciate your feedback on this program by completing a very brief survey so we can better understand its impact on your NICU journey.


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