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Lullabies of Love

Premature/NICU babies benefit greatly when they hear familiar voices, especially while still in the hospital. Researchers have shown that babies in the neonatal intensive care unit may experience more cognitive and language development the more there is personal interaction.

The Superhero Project, a nonprofit organization that supports NICU families, has donated a digital voice recorder at each bed for you to record yourself reading books, singing lullabies, or talking to your baby. When you are unable to be at the bedside, the nurses can leave the recorders playing on repeat during certain times of the day, as appropriate. A number of popular books have also been donated to your NICU for you to read to your baby while in the NICU.

The Importance of Lullabies of Love

According to a research study in the Journal Pediatrics, hearing the voice of the mother reading books helped improve sleep in NICU babies – with the greatest impact for babies at least 35 weeks old. Babies were more likely to stay asleep while listening to recordings of their mother reading books. Other studies have shown that increasing language exposure during NICU admission is associated with better long-term language development. Further, studies have suggested that better quality and efficiency of sleep during the newborn period is associated with improved neurodevelopmental outcomes in cognitive, motor, and language domains.</B

One of our Superheroes!

Amanda Duffy

My name is Amanda Duffy and I am a Registered Nurse, Superhero Project board member and proud NICU mom of two beautiful Girls, Ella and Ava .

I became extremely passionate about supporting babies and families in the NICU in 2018 when our first daughter made her unexpected early arrival at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia. While I spent several days in the hospital recovering from delivery complications I received a care package with a hand written note from Kelly, founder of the Superhero Project & NICU mom offering love and support. From that moment forward I knew this was where I needed to be and started working on bringing awareness to the NICU. One year later we welcomed our second baby girl Ava who was born at 36 weeks due to Placenta Abruption.

 I understand first hand the stressors that come along with leaving your baby in the NICU and the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when you find out you baby is finally coming home. This major milestone is the moment every family waits for and deserves to be celebrated for the amazing accomplishment that it is. My hope is that every family feels the love and support for their NICU Superhero the same way I feel for mine when they receive this hand made graduation day care package on discharge day!


Lullabies of Love

We are grateful to partner with Chicco USA on our Superhero Baby Shower initiative. Chicco shares our vision that all babies should have a safe way to leave the NICU and for everywhere their journey takes them as they grow up. Chicco continues to generously donate new infant car seats, strollers, travel systems, and pack and plays to The Superhero Project to ensure NICU families facing financial difficulties who would otherwise be unable to afford these items. We are so thankful for companies like Chicco who believe in our mission to help families who need it the most.

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The day your baby leaves is special and a day you will never forget. Help The Superhero Project give a family the homecoming they deserve. Sponsor a NICU Graduation Package today!

The Superhero Project helps so many families when they need extra support and kindness. The ability to see Jack and Colin on the Angel Eye Camera made us feel close to them when they were in Abington’s NICU.

Grandmom and Grandpa Cummings

Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses for the amazing care you provided my nephew. I really appreciate you all.

Blanca Fernandez

Thank you for supporting my family during a stressful time and helping our Lola girl get so strong!

Kelly Hardiman

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