Kelly Gallagher

founder, the superhero project inc

There’s a lot of pretty amazing things that our donations get to do to help others. But, I am transparent in saying that every time we get testimonials like these, I know exactly why my heart continues to push for as much funding as possible to equip every NICU in the country with these cameras.

Asher’s Family

Our donation has allowed this family to connect with their baby during a family gathering, virtually. How amazing is that? Often, if a mother delivered early, she will miss her own baby shower or even worse, deliver so early that there wasn’t even a party ready yet. This incredible momma, dad and big brother Dax were able to have their superhero who is still in the NICU virtually attend her sprinkle.
Asher will have a great story to tell someday. We are so PROUD to bring families moments like this… ones that may have not been possible without the cameras, but are now because of YOUR donations.

Meet Ryleigh

Born on December 28th weighing 15.7 ounces, this sweet girl came into this world. Her twin sister would soon follow but would shortly become an Angel. After 238 days at CHOP, today she comes home. What a beautiful day!
I often think of the word HOPE as something everyone layers into tough situations we face in this life. Some, harder than others. We try to carry hope in our human backpacks, ready to bring out when life gets hard. Hope is internal. Often you need it when life feels impossible. Ryleigh encompasses everything there is that defines that four letter word.
238 days.. just think about that.
15 ounces.

The story that this amazing family will one day get to tell will certainly be an impactful one. It is families like this that make me stop in my tracks, count my blessings and remind me that premature babies often let nothing stop them.

We just have to have a little faith. I know that HOPE lives in all of us, sometimes we just need to believe. The next time you support one of our fundraisers this is the kind of beautiful family you are giving back to.
I’m not sure how your Monday looked, but I am certain that this was the best Monday ever for them!
Welcome home, Ryleigh! Adventure awaits!

Jacqui’s story

Hi! My name is Jacqui. I had a preemie baby at 33 weeks 6 days this past April. My water broke at 32w and I had to live in the hospital to try to keep the baby inside to 34w. It was a crazy experience and she decided she wanted to come at 33w6d, which hey, save me from being induced AND she arrived in only 15 minutes 😀. She was 4 lbs. 15 oz. and was in the NICU for 20 days. We were at the Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA. They were amazing and that is how I found out about your organization. The day my water broke was the day AngelEye went live and they explained the funding your company provided to enable the app. That app saved my life. We stayed with Paisley all day and would go home and night. I would cry leaving her there, but was so happy with the fact I could check in on her whenever I couldn’t be there (and especially when I needed to pump!). It was a game changer. It got me through the whole experience. View on FB