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pj’s with a smile

Every day, thousands of women are discharged from the NICU without their babies. It is a lonely time- one that can be exhausting both physically and mentally.

The Superhero Project would like to encourage rest and relaxation for all new mothers, especially those who have children they have to leave behind in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

The PJs with a Smile campaign seeks to provide NICU mothers with a brand new set of pjs and a letter of encouragement from a former NICU mom, plus some other goodies. Our hope in creating this campaign is to encourage new mothers to get the necessary rest needed in the postpartum phase and feel motivated and encouraged with the support of a handwritten letter. If you would like to support this initiative, please contact us today!

We are currently accepting new pajamas. We also have custom card stock to send to you if you are interested in being part of our letter writing campaign.

Thank you to Audrey & Bear for donating hundreds of swaddles through their Swaddle 4 Swaddle Program

We are so grateful of the commitment from Ingrid and Isabel to partner with us this Giving Tuesday. For every pair of PJs purchased they will be donating back a set for new moms. Our hope is to remind all moms, especially our NICU superhero ones, to get a good nights rest

Thank You!

President Container group

We are so grateful for President Container Group & their PCG cares program for their commitment to helping fund our BEAUTIFUL Pj’s with a Smile boxes. This amazing company donated 250 boxes that will be filled for 250 NICU moms. Take a peek at this incredible company who is ensuring that NICU families celebrate the day they get to bring their baby home.

We are thankful to Rich Goldberg, VP of the container group for supporting The Superhero Project and the families we serve.

One of our Superheroes!

Bridget McKinney

I hold a Doctorate in Biomedical Ethics and currently work for a large pharmaceutical company as an Associate Director, Operations Portfolio Lead overseeing oncology clinical trials in GI and GU therapeutic area. I also am an adjunct professor for Camden County Community College, teaching Bioethics to nursing students.

The job I am most proud of though is that of mom to three little girls: Elizabeth (36 weeker), Nora (33 weeker) and Erin (34 weeker). Having three extremely difficult pregnancies and experiencing the NICU truly shaped who I was not only as a mom but a person in whole. I would like to raise awareness and advocate for mother’s health so that all moms feel comfortable and confident in their new role as a mom of a Superhero. We strive to raise awareness that moms are patients too and deserve that recognition as they are in the process of healing while they are embarking on motherhood. Together we can change the perinatal experience.

Wanna Purchase Some PJ’s?

Our hope in creating this campaign is to encourage new mothers to get the necessary rest needed in the post partum phase. Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to donate.


Thank you to our amazing donors!

We've raised -$30.00 for The Superhero Project!

Jessica and Scott Jalowiec

December 31, 2020

We are so happy to be able to support the pjs with a smile initiative. Love everything you are doing for moms- and excited to partner again in 2021 on the work front!

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Danielle Jervis

August 10, 2019

Pjs for NICU moms

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Write a Letter to a NICU Mom

Your letter to a NICU mom will mean so much to her. Your letter will let her know she is not alone and that others are thinking of her.

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Please copy and paste your letter here. We will make sure to provide it to a mom in the NICU. You may include your contact information in your letter if you are open to the mom reaching out to you.



This insanely successful company partnered with us this past spring and donated one pair of pjs to our ”Pjs and a Smile” campaign for every pair that was purchased during that month. I am so proud to announce that we have over 800 pairs of PJs that are coming our way to give out to 800 moms on discharge day from the NICU. 800!!!
We currently have 7 partner hospitals with 3 already giving out the PJs and will be expanding soon.

january 20,2019


Nurses at Penn Medicine took part in the “PJs with a smile” project, aiming to help mothers with children in the NICU.