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PJs with a Smile

a big thank you to Vault + Vine for your generous flower donation
Every day, thousands of women are discharged from the NICU without their babies. It is a lonely time- one that can be exhausting both physically and mentally.

The Superhero Project would like to encourage rest and relaxation for all new mothers, especially those who have children they have to leave behind in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

The PJs with a Smile campaign seeks to provide NICU mothers with a brand new set of pjs, a letter of encouragement from a former NICU mom and a fresh flower on their day of discharge. Our hope in creating this campaign is to encourage new mothers to get the necessary rest needed in the post partum phase, feel motivated and encouraged with the support of a handwritten letter and use the flower as a reminder of the beautiful life they just brought into the world.

If you would like to support this initiative, please contact us today!
We are currently accepting new pajamas and flower donations. We also have custom card stock to send to you if you are interested in being part of our letter writing campaign.

We are so grateful of the commitment from Ingrid and Isabel to partner with us this Giving Tuesday. For every pair of PJs purchased they will be donating back a set for new moms. Our hope is to remind all moms, especially our nicu superhero ones, to get a good nights rest.

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One of our Superheroes!

Bridget Anne Nolan

I am the Director Of Regulatory Affairs for the University of Pennsylvania Women’s Health and Clinical Research Center, as well as, Adjunct Professor at Camden County Community College, teaching Biomedical Ethics.  

I am the proud mom of two little girls Elizabeth, who arrived at 36 weeks and Nora who arrived at 33 weeks.  Working in the hospital is a much different experience than being a patient or even a parent of a patient and I am committed to ensuring this experience is the best possible for individuals.  Having two difficult pregnancies I would like to raise awareness and advocate for mother’s health so that they feel comfortable and confident in their new role of mom of a little superhero. 

Thank You Penn!

Nurses at Penn Medicine took part in the “PJs with a smile” project, aiming to help mothers with children in the NICU.


This insanely successful company partnered with us this past spring and donated one pair of pjs to our ”Pjs and a Smile” campaign for every pair that was purchased during that month. I am so proud to announce that we have over 800 pairs of PJs that are coming our way to give out to 800 moms on discharge day from the NICU. 800!!!
We currently have 7 partner hospitals with 3 already giving out the PJs and will be expanding soon.

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All proceeds raised directly go back to supporting NICU families. We seek to provide gift baskets, lodging, care items and emotional support to help families through this difficult time.To date, we have also donated almost $90,000 to bring the gift of Angel Eye Cameras into NICUS all across the Delaware Valley.
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Thank you to the Iron Oven

Thank you to the Iron Oven

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