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This program, which supports siblings of current NICU patients, will provide comfort and respite during a stressful time for the family. Superhero Siblings will receive a care package that will showcase their role in this amazing journey.

Having a baby in the NICU and other children at home is hard enough, let alone explaining the situation to those siblings. This program provides comfort for those during this difficult time to take their mind off of the uncertainty. They can carry their Superhero Sibling Title around knowing they are a part of this amazing journey.

One of our Superheroes!

Katie Roberts


My name is Katie Roberts. I am a NICU mom and I work full time for a National Home Builder focusing on Apartment Living.

I have 4 amazing children, all boys, ranging from 5 to 16 years old. They keep me pretty busy and make my heart melt daily.

My youngest, Dylan, is my NICU miracle. His Apgar score of ‘0’ shocked us all. After being resuscitated and intubated and helicoptered to a different hospital he spent 27 days in the NICU. The first 3 were on a cooling bed. Every day thereafter he showed us just how resilient he was. He was released without any medical intervention needed, however, he has permanent hearing loss in his right ear. That doesn’t stop him from running around with his brothers showing them just how tough he is. He truly is our Miracle baby.

Kelly and The Superhero Project has provided an amazing amount of love and support during our journey thus far. This foundation has allowed me and my family to raise awareness for HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy), a type of brain damage that occurs when an infant’s brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and blood. With the support of this amazing foundation we were able to raise enough money to get our Hospital a Cooling Bed - one they didn’t have and Dylan needed.

I am so proud to be apart of this foundation and help and support other NICU families. This journey has lots of ups and downs but I want to be here to show these families that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Superhero Siblings

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Haivng your sibling in the NICU is scary situation. Help The Superhero Project give them some comfort and something to keep their minds at ease. Purchase something form our wishl list.

The Superhero Project helps so many families when they need extra support and kindness. The ability to see Jack and Colin on the Angel Eye Camera made us feel close to them when they were in Abington’s NICU.

Grandmom and Grandpa Cummings

Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses for the amazing care you provided my nephew. I really appreciate you all.

Blanca Fernandez

Thank you for supporting my family during a stressful time and helping our Lola girl get so strong!

Kelly Hardiman