superhero strength stand

Looking for a fun and creative way to get your whole family involved this summer supporting The Superhero Project? Consider hosting a Superhero Strength Stand to raise funding and awareness for NICU babies across the country. We are setting a goal of 1,000 cups this summer! Can you help us?

Here's how:



Gather your friends and create some fun signage for your stand. You can download our pre-made designs by clicking the button below. SIGNAGE IDEAS INCLUDE: A thermometer they can draw on and set a goal for the day for their stand, printables of our the drinks, all of our social media handles for them to have and share


The goods

Purchase the ingredients to sell your drinks and set a goal for your stand. Some suggestions could be POWer Preemie Punch or HEROade! Don't forget the cups and ice!


Get Ready!

Set up your stand and invite all of your friends and family to participate. Consider tagging us on social media channels prior to your event so we can also share your stand with our supporters.
FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN AND TWITTER @superheroprojectinc #superheroprojectinc #superherostrengthstands


Payment & Donations

Use the official Superhero Project Paypal QR code to sell your items or collect the funds your own way. You can then make a lump sum donation from your stand.


Don't Forget to share!

Email or tag us with photos and information from your stand. We would love to feature your story on our social media pages and website.

any questions:

Shane's Strength Stand

Shane’s Superhero Lemonade Stand made a total of $592 today!!! 🍋

These proceeds will go directly to help NICU babies & families. 🤍

We thank all of our friends & family who came out and supported, and those who couldn’t make it but sent donations! Shane appreciates every single one of you!

Hodge's Strength Stand

Dylan and Kyle Hodges (born 30 weeks) along with their sister Leah set up a Superhero Strength Stand.

They were so excited to sell lemonade, soft pretzels and bracelets. They raised $500.00 for NICU famillies. Amazing kids!!!

Audrey & Cason's Stength Stand in Philly

Audrey & Cason raised $131 for The Superhero Project! It was a scorcher but they spread the word about their mission with smiles and gumballs.

Emmie, Lucas & Siena's Strength Stand in Washington twp, nj

Emmie, Lucas, and Siena, organized a lemonade stand and donated their proceeds to The Superhero Project. Despite a little bit of rain, they weathered the elements and had a very successful day. They set up in Washington Township, NJ in Whitman Square. Thanks to the generosity of bypassing neighbors and donors online they far exceeded their goal of $100.
They raised $140 cash and $105 from donations online bringing them to a total of $245.