The Superhero Angel Grant Program

No parent expects to have their newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

And no parent ever saw a day when they could not visit that child if the unforeseeable happened. Welcome to the COVID-19 world. 

No hospital saw a day when their entire facility would be on lockdown. With no secure tools in place to support remote care coordination with family members. Welcome to the COVID-19 world.

SuperHero “Angel” Grants…Because those born small are almost always destined to do BIG things!

The SuperHero Project and AngelEye Health are expanding on their shared history and vision of supporting the families of preemies and the care teams so critical to achieving the best possible outcomes.

We’re teaming up to raise funds to ensure parents and the teams responsible for providing care can stay connected when families can’t be at the hospital. Today, we have proven technology solutions that promote bonding, provide comfort to parents and instill confidence with the care team through consistent, secure televisitation and communication.

Our Goal:

Raise $500,000 from industry partners and friends who know the challenges faced by parents separated from their infant. To jumpstart the effort, AngelEye Health has committed $100,000 in hardware and software to ensure the needed technology is available and accessible at the right time.

Why Now:

Most hospitals expect visitation restrictions to remain stringent as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

Next Steps:

Fundraising is the longest step in the journey. With your help, we can close the gap and help hospitals be prepared to support their families.

How the Funds are Used

All proceeds raised go directly to supporting NICUs and the families of the infant’s they care for. The Angel Fund will provide the much needed financial resources to acquire bedside camera technology, digital clinical communication tools, and online education resources that help both staff and families during this challenging time. To date, The Superhero Project has donated almost $90,000 to bring the gift of Angel Eye Cameras into NICUS all across the Delaware Valley. With your help, we can support NICUs across the country.

All donations are tax-deductible.

The Funds Support grants for AngelEye Televisitation and Communication Solutions to help financially strapped hospitals meet the need so glaringly highlighted by challenges related to COVID-19.

bedside streaming video technology so parents can bond with their baby anywhere, anytime:

digital clinical communication technology allowing care teams to keep parents in the loop with patient updates; and,

online parent education to give parents the confidence that they can care for their fragile infant at home and ensure a timely discharge.

Awards will be granted to fund hardware and software that enhance capabilities in NICUs across the country. The Superhero Project will manage the fund, and solely determine grant recipients and amount of the award.

How the Plan Works

1. Start by choosing your donation level.

2. All donations will be made to The Superhero Project, designated for the Angel Fund.

3. When the fund reaches $250,000 (including AngelEye’s commitment), Superhero Project will promote the grant opportunity to all NICUs in the US.

4. The Superhero team will review applications and make awards at their discretion.

5. Recipients will be notified and funds distributed when the recipient presents proof of purchase.

Help hospital NICUs keep parents connected to their infant & care teams