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Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Hero is one who does great deeds but receives little recognition. Each NICU story has these individuals and often we don’t realize their impact until after the fact. 

During the lifecycle of The Superhero Project “In Lieu of” donations have been made in honor of Patricia Donovan Roberts, William Nolan Sr., Patricia Roberts, Bob Dixon, George Karalius and Barbra Ryan. The memory of these unsung heroes and others will be honored by providing educational scholarships to former NICU superheroes graduating 8th grade and entering a catholic or private high school, to further their growth and continually teach that little acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. The first recipients will be announced in June 2023.

One of our Superheroes!

Bridget McKinney

 hold a Doctorate in Biomedical Ethics and currently work for a large pharmaceutical company as an Associate Director, Operations Portfolio Lead overseeing oncology clinical trials in GI and GU therapeutic area. I also am an adjunct professor for Camden County Community College, teaching Bioethics to nursing students.

The job I am most proud of though is that of mom to three little girls: Elizabeth (36 weeker), Nora (33 weeker) and Erin (34 weeker). Having three extremely difficult pregnancies and experiencing the NICU truly shaped who I was not only as a mom but a person in whole. I would like to raise awareness and advocate for mother’s health so that all moms feel comfortable and confident in their new role as a mom of a Superhero. We strive to raise awareness that moms are patients too and deserve that recognition as they are in the process of healing while they are embarking on motherhood. Together we can change the perinatal experience.


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The Superhero Project helps so many families when they need extra support and kindness. The ability to see Jack and Colin on the Angel Eye Camera made us feel close to them when they were in Abington’s NICU.

Grandmom and Grandpa Cummings

Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses for the amazing care you provided my nephew. I really appreciate you all.

Blanca Fernandez

Thank you for supporting my family during a stressful time and helping our Lola girl get so strong!

Kelly Hardiman