There are many ways for you to help us, help others!
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Help us at the Gala

We need help running our auction, greeting guests and other things.

Crochet Preemie Hats

Preemies need warm heads, and special hats are needed. Click here for instructions.

Girl Scouts/ Superhero Patches

Are you part of a Girl Scout Troop, looking to earn a patch?

Make Graduation caps

We send you a supply list and instructions for you to help us fullfill our NICU grad packages.

write letters

Our Pj’s with a Smile & Wrapped in Love programs could use your kind words.

prepare swaddles for donation

You can help us prepare the donated swaddles for packages to NICUs.

prep welcome & graduation packages

Help us put together the wonderful packages for new NICU families.

Hold a community fundraiser

Donate for your birthday, hold a yard sale or lemonade stand

volunteers in action

Another Organon Employees volunteer day!

On September 27th, the superheroes at Organon came together for a volunteer day and packaged up 100 Superhero Sibling bags!
You can learn more about our newest program here: https://superheroprojectinc.org/superhero-siblings/
If you or your company is interested in a Volunteer Day please contact us: https://superheroprojectinc.org/volunteer/
“All of us at Organon are happy to be contributing to your cause and look forward to our next event!!”

Organon Employees volunteer day!

The Portfolio and Business Operations team at Organon came together to focus on delivery and connection. They purchased and assembled Superhero Sibling Bags, our newest initiative for NICU Families.
“I couldn’t be more proud to lead a team so inspired to make a difference in the lives of women. One of the highlights for me was the chance to volunteer as a team, to support The Superhero Project by making care packages and writing personal notes to families whose children are in the NICU.”
– Kristen Bridge, VP Head of R&D Portfolio and Business Operations

Merk Employees volunteer day!

Thank you to the 20 Merck employees that took the time to volunteer at our Superhero Office. These numbers are incredible and we are so thankful for their organization and diligence.
• Assembled 462 NICU Graduation boxes
• Prepared over 700 NICU Graduation hats
• Prepped and additional 70 NICU Graduation boxes
• Assembled 40 PJs with a Smile boxes
• Inventoried all our Swag clothing
• Assembled shelving for our supplies
• And removed and disposed of 2 pieces of furniture

Toll Brothers Employees volunteer day!

Awesome company post! Meet the volunteers from the marketing and brand department Toll Brothers. Our NICU grad packages are shocked and ready to be shipped out.

Back at the office! Volunteer day!

Thank you so much for helping us stuff 100 NICU Graduation boxes and 100 Lullabies of Love packages. We hope to have another volunteer day this summer.

2nd Volunteer day at the office!

Our 2nd Volunteer Day was a massive success! Thank you to all our new superhero supporters that took their time to help us create over 160 NICU GRAD BOXES & 125 WELCOME BAGS.
You have no idea how much this helps our organization streamline the help to families in need.

1st volunteer day at our new office

We had some special volunteers at the office yesterday helping build our NICU graduation boxes! Huge shout out to board members Amanda and Marissa who hosted fellow Superhero moms Monique, Jen and De’Vonne who helped make 46 graduation hats, 16 graduation boxes and assemble many more! You may even take a peek at one little Superhero who worked too hard yesterday! We are thankful for our volunteers!

Day of Service from Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers Apartment Living allows for a yearly service day for their employees. This amazing group of 6 woman from the Toll Brothers Apartment Living department came and helped The Superhero Project organize their new space and also prepared NICU welcome packages as well and graduation boxes.

Fellow NICU mom and board member, Katie Roberts, is so proud to have such amazing support from her team.

There are lots of small things to make foundations huge… having amazing volunteers is one of them!

Troop 71148- Eastern, PA

Volunteer Support is the backbone of our organization. Today we congratulate Troop 71148 from Eastern, PA who assembled care packages today for our NICU mothers.They earned an amazing badge for their help and love in the spirit of giving back!

in every 10 moms

will experience premature birth


across 8 states, that we have partnered with to support the installation of bedside technology to allow families to see their babies 24/7

thousand dollars

to help fund Angel Eye camera systems in the tristate area.

Get in Touch.
Get Involved.

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Giving ONline

Please click on one of the above amounts to complete your online donation. You can also, click "DONATE" at the top of the menu for more options. And Thank You!

How Donations Are Used
All proceeds raised directly go back to supporting NICU families. We seek to provide gift baskets, lodging, care items and emotional support to help families through this difficult time.To date, we have also donated almost $90,000 to bring the gift of Angel Eye Cameras into NICUS all across the Delaware Valley.
All donations are tax-deductible.
Giving By Check
Checks made payable to The Superhero Project INC
Tax ID 47-4242799