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For all women who have a superhero gain wings over a cape

Seeing the warm reception of our PJ’s with a Smile Program and brainstorming with nurses and care staff at local hospitals we realized there was a need to also recognize the warrior moms who have different experiences and tragically do not get to see their child grow.  For all women who have a superhero gain wings over a cape, the Superhero Project Inc. provides a warm, comfortable robe. A robe for any moment they wish to be wrapped in a hug and feel their child’s spirit.  Note cards from moms who have gone through the same experience are also  provided, to let these mom’s know that they are not alone and have women who have walked in their shoes and come through this extremely difficult journey.

We believe it is important to honor each motherhood story and promote the fact that just because some babies become angels that does not make any women less of a mother.

Thank You Penn!

Nurses at Penn Medicine took part in the “PJs with a smile” project, aiming to help mothers with children in the NICU.


This insanely successful company partnered with us this past spring and donated one pair of pjs to our ”Pjs and a Smile” campaign for every pair that was purchased during that month. I am so proud to announce that we have over 800 pairs of PJs that are coming our way to give out to 800 moms on discharge day from the NICU. 800!!!
We currently have 7 partner hospitals with 3 already giving out the PJs and will be expanding soon.

a big thank you to Vault + Vine for your generous flower donation

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All proceeds raised directly go back to supporting NICU families. We seek to provide gift baskets, lodging, care items and emotional support to help families through this difficult time.To date, we have also donated almost $90,000 to bring the gift of Angel Eye Cameras into NICUS all across the Delaware Valley.
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Dylan’s Story

Dylan’s Story

Dylan was born 3/23/18 through an emergency C-Section. I don’t remember much from that day besides the fact that my son would be transferred to CHOP in order to receive a lifesaving treatment. Dylan was diagnosed HIE and placed on a cooling bed. Fast forward a few...

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother's Day The Superhero Project Inc. and some incredible NICU dads take a moment to honor the special women in their lives. Happy Mother's Day 2020.



Please Stay Home for Preemies. We are delicate and have fought hard enough already. The past month has been like something out of a movie. It has not been fun and it certainly hasn’t been easy. The appreciation for quality healthcare and the heroes behind the lines...

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